The world is going digital. Information is key. Change is hard.

Study after study shows that by moving to Building Information Modelling (BIM), cost savings of up to 40% are achievable. But the truth is, despite the opportunities, most BIM implementations fail to achieve their goals. If it was just a matter of buying and installing software, everyone would do it. Roadmaps are only a guide, and what works for one company may not work for another. Every business and project is different and requires tailored solutions. Our goal is to work with members of the building sector to help them approach BIM in a way that makes sense.

We offer a broad variety of BIM services to a wide audience. Our goal is to help you adopt BIM in a way that makes sense.
White Papers

Finding the right balance between technical and business writing is difficult. We can help deliver meaty technical information in a way the target audience can appreciate.

Execution planning

BIM isn’t just something you can do right from the start. We work with you to plan BIM work, and to understand how to use BIM for the future.

BIM Education

From formal training to in-house workshops, we have delivered BIM courses to audiences from students to professionals.

Summarizing technologies

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Laying the groundwork for better communication with building owners

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BIM is about Interoperability

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Our Team
John Dickinson

John Dickinson, Ph.D., P. Eng. is a founder and President of Advanced BIM Solutions Inc. Through private and public sector consulting, John works to support the migration of the Construction Sector to digitally supported integrated processes and practices. In particular, he believes BIM can be effectively used to mitigate risks and return value for all participants of construction projects including the facility owners, but these opportunities are often missed due to lack of understanding and preparation.

Paul Woodard

Paul Woodard, Ph.D. is a founder and Vice-President with Advanced BIM Solutions Inc. who specializes in working with the Construction Sector to develop and adopt the plans and processes that will be part of the shift towards increased innovation. It is his view that the technologies around BIM are ready to be used, and now that the tools to address the organizational and contractual issues are starting to be available, the industry is poised to see unprecedented growth in efficiency and innovation.