As you build your plans for projects in 2017, we want to remind you to consider how BIM training will help you and your project partners achieve your goals.  BIM success stories aren’t made in isolation, so be sure you have the right knowledge to prepare for information based project delivery and management.

These days, everyone is looking at including BIM in their construction projects. More owners are asking for BIM delivery and more designers and consultants are looking at using BIM tools to manage their risk and project complexity. But the sad truth is that a large number of owners and practitioners leap into BIM without understanding how it will affect their business and processes.

Training in software tools is important, and is readily available in North America. But what is missing is accessible training about BIM fundamentals, and how these fundamentals affect process and technology decisions. Especially lacking is this training aimed at the specific needs of facility owners.

To help address this, we have developed two targeted training courses, one aimed at facility owners who are bringing BIM into their processes, and one at designers who serve them. We would like to encourage you to consider adding our training to your team skills building this year and recommending it to companies you expect to be working with or others you know.  

Download “Delivering BIM to Facility Owners” Delivering-BIM-to-Facility-Owners-2017-01.pdf – Downloaded 471 times – 1 MB


Download “BIM Training for Facility Owners” BIM-Education-for-Facility-Owners-2017-01.pdf – Downloaded 388 times – 1 MB