The Canadian Practice Manual for BIM

A Canadian made and executed practice manual for BIM. Presented in three parts, this guide has helpful information for practitioners of all experience levels, from novice to BIM expert.

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Presentation for Construct Canada, 2016

Although BIM holds great promise for both businesses and projects, those anticipated benefits cannot be reaped without careful preparation to ensure the implementation is smooth and consistent with the rest of industry. The Canadian Practice Manual for BIM (C-PMB) was developed by BuildingSMART Canada (bSC) and the Institute for BIM in Canada (IBC) to support industry practitioners as they plan for and implement BIM. Get an early look at the contents of all three volumes of the soon to be published manual and learn how it can be used to guide the effective implementation of BIM in your company or project.

C-PMB-Construct-Canada-2016-final.pdf (327 downloads)

The Use of Drones in the Construction Industry

All you need to know about drones: size, capacity, peripheral equipment, data expectations, applications, regulations, insurance, risks and pitfalls. Available from Canadian Construction Innovations (link will open an external website).

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BIM PxP: Knowing the execution plan essentials

Construction surveys are suggesting building information modelling (BIM) is experiencing strong, continuing growth in use by stakeholders throughout the industry. This means BIM is being employed by more practitioners to document greater project scopes for increasingly diverse purposes over extended project phases…

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New Developments in BIM Project Planning and Execution, Construct Canada, December 4, 2013

Intermediate level presentation on BIM execution plans (BIM PxP) for projects as defined in the buildingSMART alliance NBIMS–US v2 guide. Provides an understanding of the following:

National BIM Standard BIM Execution Plan as endorsed by the Institute for BIM in Canada
• Purpose of the BIM PxP and relationship with contracts under the soon to be released Canadian Contract BIM Addendum
• Sections of a PxP, the stakeholders and how it is pulled together

New-Developments-in-BIM-Project-Planning-and-Execution-ConstructCanada2013.pdf (347 downloads)