One of the things we enjoy doing for our clients is creating focused research reports. From our research background, we particularly enjoy researching new technologies and industry trends, assessing their potential, and summarizing them in an easily digestible format. While much of this work is proprietary in nature, we are periodically able to create summary documents that we are happy to share with the wider construction audience. Occasionally we will […]

Over the past year, we’ve had more and more contact with Facility Owners who want to use digital information in their projects. Sometimes they have come from industry seminars or trade shows and have heard about BIM. Other times they are trying to get ahead of the curve, or have a project delivered with reduced risk. Either way, the owners usually have a vision of what they want the end […]

BIM Project Execution Plans (PxP, BEP, BxP, or pick your favorite BIM-related acronym) can be tough to put together.  And once they are together, they can be tough to decipher.  Who has time to sort through a sixty page document when there is real work to be done? Sometimes one team will put it together, and give it to another team to execute. Some PxPs are made to fulfil an […]

A while back, I was asked by the Institute for BIM in Canada if I would be able to write a document for them that would serve as an introduction to BIM for facility owners and operators.  It was an interesting challenge, since there is a real disconnect between the BIM world and the owners. Everyone in the BIM community accepts that owners have the greatest long term potential to […]