BIM Education

We have developed and delivered workshops and seminars to stakeholders across Canada. We have provided training on introductory BIM for people just starting out, to the nuances of BIM planning for organizations who have started implementing BIM and need guidance. Whether you need canned materials or customized training, we can help provide the materials your team needs.


Support for Facility Owners

Facility owners are becoming increasingly sophisticated in the information they need and want. Owners want to include BIM in their requests for proposals, but they don’t always have the expertise to properly communicate their needs and ensure that they will be happy with the final results. We work with owners to help them properly understand and formulate BIM requirements, and if necessary, to support them in evaluating proposals and deliverables.


BIM Project Support

An increasing number of large and high-profile construction projects in North America are requiring the use of Building Information Modelling technologies. Otherwise forward-looking companies are self-selecting away from these projects due to a concern of not being able to integrate into a BIM project. We will review your firm’s processes and capabilities in light of BIM roles, requirements, and responsibilities and help you plan a path forward.


BIM Project Execution Plans

Adopting BIM processes can have tremendous benefits for construction projects and can reduce uncertainty and increase productivity.  Properly done, BIM increases collaboration and streamlines communication. Improperly done, BIM means a needless increase in technology, and projects become bogged down in paperwork and “just in case” modelling.  Whether you want to call it a PxP or BEP, we will help you build a BIM Project Execution Plan so that it will have the most impact with the least disruption.


BIM Capability Analysis

When entering a BIM project, it is common for teams to identify knowledge or process gaps, especially when moving from drawings to models. How will talented people best migrate to new roles and responsibilities to meet BIM requirements? We will help identify gaps and make plans to allow you to meet objectives and minimize downtime.


White Papers and Other Writing

Communicating with a construction audience can be challenging. Often, academic and technical writing does not capture the attention of the target audience. Conversely, business writing can fail to demonstrate the technical elements that are so important. We have the experience in writing and editing technical information for a non-technical audience in a way that is clean and understandable.